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About Us
“Ideias com Arte” was created in 1998 with  the aim of organizing events focusing on animation in
which  the  original  and  creative  ideas  differ  from  others.
Over the years, we have  concentrated  on experienced professionals, we have quality equipment
and  customize  each  event,  adapting  it  to  the  needs  of  our  clients. 
The trust of  our  customers  and  partners  are our  best reference.  We  have  a young, bold  and
dynamic  team, composed  of members from  several  areas, musical entertainment, art, allowing
us to  respond  to  all  services  such   as  weddings, baptisms birthday  parties,  corporate  parties
variety  shows, concerts  and  artist  management, among  others








How are we different

The ability of different areas and we combine  resources  in  an integrated way in getting amazing
The accumulated experience and interdisciplinary team work allow us to understand the problem
and expectations
and design solutions, developed in stages, based on expert knowledge. 
The  Our   expertise  guarantees   the   customer  a  specialized  offer   capable  of   designing  and
producing events and communication activities of excellence.

eventos empresa ideias




 How we work

Always  considering  that each   case  is   a  case,  requires   a  personalized   response   tailored  to
the  specific  concrete  goal  to  achieve.
Based  on   the  briefing  given  by  the  client,  we provide one  or  more  design  solutions capable
of responding to the deffy in question, always focused on achieving excellent results.
This  methodology  of  systemic  work  provides  a  more  efficient  response  with  innovative  and
distinctive solutions.
The  ultimate  goal  is  always  to  achieve  the  best  results  for  our  client.







Our Mission
Our  projects  intend to create  real value for  brands and  customers, develop  and  sustain  a  solid
business  project.
Our Vision
Being  a company  of   excellence  in  the field  of  events, our  vision  is based on creativity, courage

ambition  professionalism  and  rigor.


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