Artistic agency

We have a range of artists from various fields to present at events of all kinds:



This    is   the   best    form   of   contact   between   the   client   and  the   artists   that   we  represent,  saving   you   time. If  you  are  a  customer

we  offer   a  personalized   service,  following   every   step   of   your   event   from   creation   to   execution.

If  you  are  an  artist  and  want  to  be  part  of   our  portfolio,  do  not  hesitate   to  contact  us.  To  be   the  greatest,  we  work  with   the   best!



  animação-musical  Musical entertainment

  instrumentistas  Instrumentalists and singers

  djevjs  DJ's and VJ's

  magico1  Magicians

  caricaturas  Cartoonist

  humano  Human statues

  circo-arts  Circus performing arts

  fanças-tematicas  Thematic dances

  vips  Public figures

  aprensetadorees  Entertainers and presenters, among others